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Philip Brown, Sales Director at Millwood Designer Homes discusses the importance of landscaping and green spaces at developments.

With the population of the UK and demand for new homes constantly rising, it has become easy for developers to want to tightly compact as many homes onto a site as possible. However, I believe that more than ever, it is important for homebuilders to incorporate landscaping and allow room for green spaces for its residents.

At Millwood, we believe that having access to outdoor space makes for healthier places to live. We start by carefully assessing and ensuring the existing local landscape is sensitively treated, retaining and enhancing features such as mature trees and ponds. Often, transforming brownfield sites opens up private land to benefit the local community.

We use a variety of landscaping techniques to create beautiful gardens and open spaces, within these new residential communities. We like to encourage residents to get outside and enjoy the warmer summer months providing a range of options, including children’s play areas, open fields and walking paths.

Incorporating green space at a development ensures the layout of homes feel spacious as well as, in some cases, providing beautiful views over surrounding countryside. Regularly, this is a major factor for homebuyers who seek a strong community environment in a beautiful green setting. As well as the aesthetics, there are also significant welfare and health benefits associated with green space. Spending time outside with nature has been proven to relieve stress and improve mental and physical health.

At Millwood, we strive to ensure our developments create sustainable environments that benefit not just the people who will live in our homes but also the local wildlife, with bird and bat boxes included in many sites.

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