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President Trumps brings fresh air to the US and stronger union with the UK

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  • The inauguration of President Trump marks an interesting and in many ways refreshing new era for the United States and the UK, realigning traditional ties between the two countries, and paving the way for improved trade links, which can only help the UK through Brexit and beyond.

    Trump has undoubtedly made some outrageous comments during his presidential campaign, the likes of which will surely be toned down as he settles into his new office and many of his more radical schemes will undoubtedly be watered down when passed through Congress.  However, there is no doubt that the appointment of a President who is not of the rank and file of a career politician, but is a successful businessman who passionately wants to reform his country for the good of his people, can only be positive.

    President Trump is already making strong moves to strengthen his alliance with the UK. Prime Minister, Theresa May is one of the first foreign leaders to meet the new US President and the Heritage Foundation has called on Trump to instruct his trade representative and White House National Trade Council to fast-track the pursuit of a US-UK trade pact. Trump has also moved the bust of Sir Winston Churchill back into the Oval Office after it had been controversially removed by President Barack Obama in 2009.

    This is all very encouraging and positive news, and I welcome stronger links between the US and the UK thanks to Trump’s election win.  I believe his Presidency will bring a breath of fresh air to the United States which will hopefully breeze across the Atlantic to give us extra wind beneath our sails and help ensure a smooth exit out of Europe.


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