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Today marks the 102nd anniversary of Armistice Day, a day to reflect and pay tribute to the fallen servicemen and women that have fought for our country over the years. In honour of this momentous occasion, we are taking a look at our development that is steeped in history – Lillybank in Battle, East Sussex.

High Weald

Lillybank is riddled with fascinating historical relevance, in a town with an outstanding historical background. The development consists of two to five bedroom houses which are beautiful works of contemporary architecture. Ironically, these chic, modern homes are situated in Battle, a town which holds great history.

Battle Abbey

Lillybank, formally a horse paddock, is surrounded by striking views across the High Weald . The 50 dwellings of the new development are situated in the historical hot-spot of Battle. Homes are within walking distance to the 1066 Battle of Hastings site, located near the breath-taking ruins of Battle Abbey and the world-renowned Bayeux Tapestry. Such incredible historical sites attract thousands of tourists from across the world, giving Battle’s residents a great sense of pride in their picturesque town.

Lillybank Street Scene

The traces of this town’s powerful past create a sense of unity and togetherness among residents. Such town spirit is ignited further with the annual Guy Fawkes parade, bonfire and firework display which has been running since 1646. The event perfectly showcases how Battle’s tight-knit community celebrate historical moments, eliminate generational divides and create joy through historical memory.

From first-time buyers to those looking to downsize, Lillybank allows you to own a home with history. It not only offers a bright new build with the latest appliances, but also a home built on land which has been walked on by our brave soldiers from previous times.

For further information about the homes available at Lillybank, click here.