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As everyone settles into the New Year, key home buying insights and interior trend predications are slowly emerging and will influence how we decorate and update our homes.  Interior designers, Jane Clayton & Company and Interiors by DAPA have designed our new show-homes at Brambledown in Maidstone and Windsor Meadow in Marden and have embraced many of the predicted interior themes for 2018.

The first trend that seems increasingly popular for the New Year, is the use of bold colours which will play a large part in updating interior styles this year. Philippa Stone, Design Project Manager at Jane Clayton & Company, who designed the interiors for Brambledown in Maidstone said: “Building on a soft stone base we layered accents of bold blues and greens with a modern twist on the classic navy tone that has recently dominated interior trends.” Similarly, Daniel Mumford, Creative Director at Interiors by DAPA added: “At Windsor Meadow, a neutral backdrop is bought to life with smoky blues and warm, welcoming sunshine yellows and golds.”

A return to nature also seems imminent in this year’s design trends. Philippa added: “Over the last year there has been a growing desire in the design world to reconnect with nature; everything from an increased use of natural materials right down to the colours we’re choosing to put on our walls which will continue into the new year. When designing the show home at Brambledown, we wanted to evoke a feeling of calm and indulgence. Sprigs of foliage in the styling add a feeling of freshness and are a simple way of replicating the growing trend for greenery in the home.”

Finally, subtle hues are likely to create a strong look which can be restful or revitalising. Daniel comments: “At Windsor Meadow we created a cosmopolitan, chic interior to provide a blend of London living style and elements of the rural setting. Trends in materials such as marble, mixed metals, particularly brass and washed woods can be found throughout the interior design.”

Why not come and visit one of our beautiful show homes – we’re sure you’ll love everything you see in a Millwood home.