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Millwood Designer Homes’ Associate Director of Customer Service discusses his Millwood career and why customer service is so important to Millwood.

How long have you been working at Millwood Designer Homes?

I’ve been at Millwood for just over 15 years. I started as a customer service manager but as the company grew, I worked my way up to Associate Director of Customer Service and now I manage the Customer Service and Quality Control Managers and their teams. As the company has grown over the last 15 years, I have fortunately had the benefit of growing the customer service team with it.

Can you describe the purpose of your job and what it entails?

The main purpose of my role is ensuring we deliver excellent customer satisfaction. This involves making sure we have all the correct procedures in place to achieve that. From full staff training to checking the quality of each house and ensuring that it meets Millwood’s high standards. I personally undertake a final construction snag on every property, a personal touch that you don’t get from large housebuilders. This process allows me to view the property as a customer rather than a Millwood team member.

What is your favourite part of your job?

The absolute highlight of my job is meeting happy home owners! I often walk around the sites and introduce myself to homeowners and ask how they are getting along. We pride ourselves on the number of emails we receive from happy customers speaking about their new home and how impressed they are with the customer service team. This is the best part for me, it makes it all worth it.

Can you explain why excellent customer service is so important?

In the housebuilding industry in particular, customer service is so important because of the sentimental and physical value of a house, as it is probably the biggest acquisition that someone will make in their lifetime. People work hard and spend lots of time saving to buy a property which they can be proud of. Aside from the amount of money it costs, commitment is also a big factor so it is our job to ensure buyers are fully aware and well advised on their new property. Therefore, excellent customer service plays a key role in the customer experience of making such a big purchase.

What makes Millwood stand out from other housebuilders?

Personally, I feel as though Millwood thoroughly understand the customer journey and experience. They are committed to creating beautiful homes for people and rather than seeing purchasers as a sale, they value their needs and see them as a person looking to buy a home. Their commitment to customer service is apparent throughout the company. There is a strong focus on the quality of our homes and the attention to even the smallest details, which is what people know us for.

Ultimately, customer service is at the heart of what we do and it’s in our ethos to provide the best homebuying experience possible.

What are your ‘Top Three Tips’ on how to create the perfect customer experience?

The first would be preparation for the process, meaning to prepare for every step of the customer journey from initial viewing or sale to moving in and beyond.

I would also say that communication is key. If you are able to constantly update customers on the process and stage of their house then they can feel reassured and know what’s happening. This way they aren’t chasing for a response or feeling anxious because they haven’t received any updates in a while.

This leads me onto my final piece of advice which is to manage expectations. Communication is key in managing your purchaser’s expectations. It is also important to not over promise and under deliver, as this will result in a customer being disappointed when their expectations are not met.

Millwood currently have a selection of beautiful homes available in Kent at Windsor Meadow in Marden, Polo Field in Canterbury, Cherry Tree Lane in Ewhurst, Surrey and at Coppice End in Crowborough, East Sussex. Forthcoming sites due to launch later this year include The Glebe in Storrington, West Sussex, Heatherlands in Heathfield East Sussex and Bakers Field in Cliffsend, Kent.  Visit our customer testimonials page to find out what our customers have to say themselves…