Land Required

At Millwood we are continually seeking to acquire land with or without planning permission and land that is either previously developed or on the edge of existing towns and villages.

We have a proven track record in securing planning permissions on surplus and redundant commercial buildings, properties in substantial grounds and on vacant land adjacent to existing settlements.

We also specialise in the promotion of greenfield and Green Belt sites through the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan process.

Our wealth of experience and beautifully designed homes means that we are often able to unlock potential where many others may not.

With an enviable reputation, built up over 30 years, our trademark environmental credentials and high-quality designs, mean we can deliver best value for landowners.

If you might have something of interest then please do get in touch. All enquiries will be acted upon quickly and in complete confidence.

If you are aware of a potential site but do not own it then still get in touch as we offer generous introduction fees.

Land Enquiry