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The home is a reflection of the mind, take care of it.

At the very core of being human is a desire for safety, security, sanctuary and some solid sleep. Since the dawn of time, us humans have always displayed a degree of sensitivity to our surroundings and have therefore adjusted our homes according to these physical and emotional demands. Yes, there’s a reason why everyone is snapping up houseplants and popping some colour back into their interiors…

While not everyone may be able to change the infrastructure of their home, everyone has the capacity to alter the cleanliness, organisation and space of the home.

Whether it be the lighting, layout or location, there are a number of ways in which home surroundings can affect one’s mood. Ultimately, the home should be a sanctuary space which facilitates social interaction and minimal stress – all of which can easily be encouraged with some easy consideration.

Research has shown a direct correlation between optimum exposure to light and the improvement of mood and energy levels. Natural light, along with bright artificial light at the correct intensity, have the capacity to improve depression and minimise anxiety whilst also having a positive effect on concentration, appetite, mood. Maximising natural light is key and is now carefully considered in the creation of new-builds and multiple sources of light are encouraged e.g. in lamps, dim switches and backlights.

Whilst some of us are innately messier than others, organising your home surroundings with an ordered layout and designated spaces can reduce stress and encourage relaxation. Let’s be honest, no one’s an angel when you’re faced with the urge to throw your clothes onto the chair in the corner. However, the chances of this are drastically reduced when a home has effective storage facilities laid out. Clutter indicates a lack of designated space which can cause an inability to prioritise what is important. Giving belongings, no matter how many that may be, a home can make your own head and home a more settled space to be.

At each Millwood show home that we have dressed, we have created elements to the homes that encourage better mental health and wellbeing.