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How to Dress Your Home for a Warmer Winter | Millwood Designer Homes

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How to Dress Your Home for a Warmer Winter

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    The Lenham living room

    The Lenham living room

    Casseroles, Christmas and cosy nights in; winter is the season meant for staying in and enjoying everything that your home has to offer. This year especially, we have spent more time than ever indoors, something that has prompted many homeowners to start thinking about how they use their living space. With many choosing to get their Christmas decorations up earlier this year to bring a little bit of Christmas magic into the home, why not consider subtly dressing your home for the whole season, to create a comforting, warming backdrop for all of that extra time spent indoors?

    To help you get started on adapting your home for the season, we spoke to Design Director at New I.D Interiors and designer of our brand new show home The Lenham at Bakers Field, Amrit Lattimore, to discuss her advice for dressing your home ready for the winter months:

    The Lenham main bathroom

    The Lenham main bathroom

    Top Tip #1: Embrace new colours

    Colours, tones and textures form a substantial part of seasonal dressing. For the winter months we would opt for warmer tones in darker shades, such as rich reds and oranges, as well as soft textures in the home furnishings to create a comforting back environment.

    Top Tip #2: Add comforting home furnishings

    To add to this, we would utilise throws on sofas and arm chairs in the living areas, along with plush rugs in warm nurturing colours and textures. The aim is to create a soft and cosy environment to spend time in, so the more cosiness the better.

    The Lenham main bedroom

    The Lenham main bedroom

    Top Tip #3: Don’t forget the bedrooms

    To create the ultimate winter home, upstairs rooms need to be looked after too. Bedroom dressings will again have a heavy bias towards warming colour palates in darker shades. Luxurious textures such as velvet and cashmere will often incorporate into heavier textured bed spreads and scatter cushions, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    When designing a new show home, we always incorporate relevant seasonal items to ensure prospective purchasers get an accurate feel for how each season could be spent if they lived in the home. In The Lenham at Bakers Field, we included items such as crushed velvet dining room chairs, bold wallpaper and seasonal colours to give a cosy feel.

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