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Within our heartland of Kent, Sussex and Surrey, we strive to make sure our homes showcase their surroundings, with a meticulous approach in where to build, and how we can enrich an already thriving village or town, whilst complimenting existing architectural styles. We also ensure that our homes are based in localities where our residents will have access to everyday amenities and facilities.

We endeavour to ensure our developments are sustainable environments, not just for our residents but also for the local wildlife, with care and thought taken to install bird and bat boxes on many of our sites. Sustainable Urban Drainage systems are also installed on our sites, to help solve complex drainage issues and provide landscaping enhancement opportunities. Our beautiful community at Lavender Fields in Isfield incorporated swales with many different species of plants and grasses to encourage a ‘Wildlife Corridor’.

The original landscape is taken into account, with detailed plans incorporating the history of the land selected, as well as how we can design new homes that blend seamlessly into the existing setting. Our superb development, Cherry Tree Lane in Ewhurst epitomises the characterful village charm of the area and offers a cornucopia of scenic views. The homes, like all Millwood homes, are built to blend into the tapestry of the village, featuring similar materials of the other homes to further enhance the villages’ charming aesthetic.

We have developments coming soon in Crowborough and Heathfield, East Sussex and Cliffsend and Yalding in Kent, which will showcase our commitment to creating exciting developments that provide natural extensions to quintessential settings, by using bespoke designs and reclaimed materials.

For more information on our current and forthcoming developments, please visit