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With a myriad of wellness trends aiming to keep our minds and bodies healthy, we often neglect our own homes, and how creating a happy and healthy home is just as important to our health and wellbeing. Philip Brown, Sales and Marketing Director for Millwood Designer Homes explains how building homes that offer well-designed layouts can have a positive effect on our mental health.

The Pond House, Cherry Tree Lane

We spend more time in our homes than anywhere else, so creating a safe, calm and happy environment is vital to our wellbeing, and for us at Millwood this begins from the moment we start to build a new development. We ensure that all of our homes offer thoughtful and well-planned layouts that provide optimal space for everyone in the household. Other key factors such as maximising the natural light that floods a home, and well considered areas that provide storage space to help keep clutter to a minimum and designated spaces for a variety of activities.

Each home at Cherry Tree Lane, our collection of properties situated in the calming Surrey village of Ewhurst, has been carefully designed to encourage good mental health and wellbeing for residents. Not only is the development positioned just moments from the picturesque Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty providing the ideal place for a mind-clearing ramble, the bright and spacious interiors have also been planned with wellbeing in mind.

The Pond House (download The Pond House brochure here), a four-bedroom detached property with relaxing views overlooking its own pond, offers residents light and airy open-plan living spaces to maximise natural light. Exposure to natural light has long been proven to increase levels of happiness and act as a mood booster, so we ensured The Pond House has plenty of opportunities for sunlight to flood in to the home. Double dual-aspect windows to the family/kitchen room guarantees an abundance of natural light on the ground floor come rain or shine, whilst upstairs dual-aspect gable windows in the master bedroom ensure it is the ultimate place for residents to unwind.

Hawthornden, Yalding

Keeping your home tidy and de-cluttered works wonders for wellbeing, creating clear and ordered areas encourages relaxation and reduces anxieties. At Hawthornden in the town of Yalding, Kent, the collection of 30 unique properties set in a secluded area of woodland provides ideal homes for those looking to boost their mental health. The Albert Villas are two distinctly designed semi-detached three-bedroom properties positioned at the heart of the development, where residents will benefit from ample storage space to ensure a de-cluttered home and calmer mind. In both properties, a useful utility room presents a handy place to store washing, ironing, and cleaning products away from the rest of the house, whilst outerwear, and shoes can be stored in the separate cloakroom to save cluttering the hallway. Two extra cupboards, including one under the stairs, offer an added storage bonus downstairs, whilst upstairs bedrooms come complete with ample clothing storage in fitted wardrobes.

During stressful times, looking after our mental health should be a priority, and one of the easiest places where we can control this is in our own homes. Simple routines, and calming spaces can make all the difference to how we feel and our mood. For more information about these developments, please visit Millwood Designer Homes here.