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As February brings us an extra day this year, Millwood Designer Homes explores 9 ways you can use your extra day wisely.

In light of 2020’s leap year, we have all been blessed with an extra day in our calendar to use at our own leisure. In an effort to make use of this opportunity, we have put together a list of potential activities which you can tick off your annual to-do lists!

  1. Start your house hunt: Perhaps you’ve been putting off looking around because moving house is too much hard work? Maybe you think things could go wrong along the way? At Millwood, the process has been made exceptionally easy thanks to our fantastic sales teams, who understand how strenuous moving house can be. If you’ve been thinking about starting fresh this year, our teams are on hand to help across all of our developments, providing you with all the assistance you need throughout the process. Take a look at all of our beautiful developments on offer via our website, and book a viewing for February 29th before they’re snapped up!
  2. Nurture your nest: If you’ve just moved into a new home, or are planning to imminently, why not begin thinking about how you’ll decorate. Start getting everything in order – browse through brochures and catalogues, hop online and pre-order items to help make your home as intrinsically ‘you’ as possible.
  3. Spring clean: That arduous task of actually getting your life in order may seem like a bore, but it has actually been proven that cleaning and organising your home has a number of health benefits. Organising your home has been proven to help with things such as supporting a strong immune system, reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing general productivity, and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. So, why not kill two birds with one stone (or six in this case!).
  4. Explore the fridge: For those culinarily impaired individuals who avoid anything cooking related – take it upon yourself to raid the fridge, freezer, or pantry and conjure up a delicious dish for you and your family to enjoy. You have the whole day to do it, so don’t worry about getting it wrong.
  5. Take a leisurely stroll: A number of our properties are situated near idyllic walking routes; for example, our East Sussex development, Heatherlands. Lying within the High Weald Area of Natural Beauty, residents have the opportunity to blow the cobwebs away and enjoy the splendours of the Great British outdoors. Alternatively, Bakers Field can be found just minutes from the charming Pegwell Bay in Cliffsend, Kent – ideal for a stroll along the beach.
  6. Resume your New Year’s resolution: If you are guilty of neglecting your New Year’s resolution and slipping back into bad habits, the ‘leap year day off’ is your chance to start over and let the cycle begin again. Remember, it takes two months for a new behaviour to become a habit – so keep at it; the year has only just begun!
  7. Create a masterpiece: Take inspiration from nature and get that arts and crafts box out of the cupboard. This is a perfect activity for families with children – and could unknowingly become a memory you cherish forever.
  8. Pop to the pub: If getting active isn’t your thing, why not pop to the pub for a quiet pint next to a roaring open fire? Our development Cherry Tree Lane in Ewhurst is just minutes from a number of gorgeous pubs – for example, The Bulls Head, The Windmill, and the White Hart Hotel.
  9. If none of the above appeals to you, cosy up under a blanket and binge-watch an entire series or have a movie marathon in your cosy living room. Sometimes, all you really want to do on your day off is unwind!

If you are keen on starting your house hunt on February 29th, take a look at all of our stunning developments on offer at