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Purchasing your first home is an exciting experience and now, more than ever, first time buyers aspire to own a detached home, over any other property type. In recent research, conducted by YouGov, almost a third (32%) of potential first-time homeowners aim for a detached house as their first property. As detached homes continue to increase in value throughout the UK, it’s easy to see why the popularity for these sought-after properties also continues to grow.

Prices increases show detached homes to be a bright spot in the market and offer a sold investment. It is no surprise almost a third of savvy first timers desire a detached home, as buyers aim to move less and save more to achieve the home of their dreams — a detached family house with a garden. With many first-time buyers making savings on stamp duty, they are sensibly looking to future-proof their investment, with something that will suit long term needs and goals, in the form of a ‘forever’ home.

At Millwood, we provide a mix of property types at all our developments to suit a wide-range of buyers and their individual circumstances. We’ve found that many of our buyers aspire to own a detached property for a number of important factors, including flexibility, a sense of privacy, comfort and freedom. This popular property type varies in size, however, the independence of a detached home creates an ideal living environment, for families to grow into or downsizers to settle.

We offer Help to Buy on a selection of Millwood homes, helping first-time buyers secure more space for their money.