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As summer peaks and the temperatures rise, the opportunity to enjoy nature in our own gardens also increases. Britain is graced with an abundance of creatures, from birds to mammals, however sometimes these creatures can be a bit allusive in our gardens. Located in Kent, gardens at our properties at Heartenoak Meadows and Tibbs Court Farm could attract species as diverse as the Ring-Tailed Parakeet and the American Mink. Whether you want to help a hedgehog, provide for pollinators, or boost your bird population, Millwood Designer Homes’ landscaped gardener, Jeff Colton, has shared his top tips for attracting wildlife into your garden this summer:


Take the time to see what wildlife lives locally to you, for example, by keeping a record of what birds arrive in your garden. By then researching what they like to eat, you will able to tailor your bird table to ensure your visitors are treated to their favourite nibbles. Bird watching is also a fantastic way to destress and focus your mind on something away from busy every day life, in turn helping your own wellbeing too.


Turn your garden into a wildlife eutopia by creating a variety of habitats for different animals. One idea to consider is adding a bug hotel to your garden. You can easily make your own – an excellent project to get the whole family involved with in the garden. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made bug hotels that are ready to be installed.


Plants can provide a much-needed pop of colour to your garden, or fill the air with a heavenly aroma. They can also be invaluable for insects. Many of our sites, such as Heartenoak Meadows, feature attractive wildflower verges, which are great for pollinators such as bees. When creating eye-catching flowerbeds, try to incorporate plants like Buddleja, Lavender, Ceanothus or Sambucus as these are good for pollinators.


Water features are synonymous with tranquillity, and can transform your garden into a zone of relaxation. During spells of dry, warm weather, birds will appreciate a spot where they can have a cool dip or a quick drink. Ponds are great for wildlife, and you can even make your own from old barrels or tubs. Just make sure that it is easy for small animals to climb back out so they don’t get stuck!


Designing your garden to be wildlife-friendly will be wasted if the wildlife you are aiming to attract can’t easily access your garden. If you are lucky enough to have Hedgehogs, make sure they can navigate their way into your garden by cutting small gaps in the bottom of your fences.

You don’t have to choose between making your garden a home for wildlife or a haven for your family. At Millwood, our developments combine stunning homes with nature on your doorstep. Heartenoak Meadows is complete with a communal pond for all our residents to enjoy. Our homes at Tibbs Court Farm have large garden spaces, with plenty of space for kids to play and nature to thrive simultaneously. Whatever you are looking for, you can find your perfect home and garden here.