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As our society continues to focus more and more on the impact we have on the environment, ‘conscious living’ is fast becoming top of our agenda. The millennial generation is likely to be the driving force behind this, having been exposed to a far more eco-conscious way of life, therefore more likely to contribute to the rise in eco-friendly homes.

Not only do environmentally friendly homes satisfy the needs of those who desire to make a difference, they are incredibly economic. New build houses are a great option for those looking to live a more eco-friendly life, whilst cutting costs. As well as being more environmentally friendly due to low CO2 emissions, most homes come with energy efficient boilers, water saving systems and quality insulation in a bid to reduce utility bills.

Environmentally friendly homes come with a wealth of benefits. Cost benefits include lower building material costs, less maintenance requirements and higher property value as the demand for eco-friendly housing rises. Highly sought after, eco friendly homes are a dependable way to future proof your way of living; a worthwhile investment for the future.

Lower carbon footprints, reduced chemical emissions and significant waste reduction are also examples of the benefits eco-friendly houses deliver. This list is not exhaustive but demonstrates the fundamental environmental factors these developments take in to consideration. There is also a growing trend for environments to promote our wellbeing. Natural lighting, improved air quality, healthier home environments and harmonious spaces all contribute to our overall happiness.

Recognising this, at Millwood, we are consciously designing properties which offer economical advantages complimented by pleasant and thoughtfully designed interiors and outside space. Our Polo Field development in Canterbury showcases our thoughtful approach to sustainable living and offers a beautiful collection of three to five-bedroom homes. Featuring spacious gardens and landscaped surroundings, Polo Field acknowledges a greener living approach without compromising on quality or grandeur.