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At Westminster University, where I studied a Construction Management degree, I was the only woman on my course, therefore I’ve never known any different when it comes to working with all male colleagues. In any job, to work as a team you need to play on individual strengths, whether it’s a male dominated environment or not.

At the moment, I believe around 75% of construction roles are male dominated, however from my experience, women taking on more technical roles in the industry is slowly increasing. I don’t expect to see the numbers of males and females completely evening out, however, I’d like to see more women in a range of roles across the sector. I think jobs in construction should be introduced more to students as a potential career option. The house-building industry does not seem to be discussed in education for girls, but for those who work and think logically like me, it is ideal.

I’ve been at Millwood now for over three years and it does takes time to learn how to achieve the high standards and quality the company requires. My personal highlight so far, has been working on six houses in Sutton Valence, Kent, as it was my first project to solo manage and I learnt a lot about having to make important decisions myself on site.

I am currently working on new developments Cherry Tree Lane in Ewhurst, Coppice End in Crowborough and our new head office in Kings Hill, which is exciting. I feel such a great sense of pride, seeing a development through from start to finish. I’m also looking forward to completing my master’s degree in Quantity Surveying this year.