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With the nation spending more time indoors following the Government’s announcement yesterday, here are our tips to help improve your mental health whilst being at home in 2021.

  1. Declutter: A tidy home helps ensure a happy and healthy mind – Gain a sense of peace and happiness by reducing the clutter in your home. By keeping your house neat and organised you can become make the most out of your space, which can have a significant positive effect on your mental health.
  2. Create separate environments to work & unwind: By creating environments for different activities, you can enjoy a place to fully unwind after a day of working from home, minimise stress and make the most of your home.
  3. Adopt a simple routine: A simple routine such as making your bed each morning or having set mealtimes and downtimes can make all the difference to your mood, helping you feel less stressed and more organised.
  4. Bright surroundings: Having natural light flowing into your home is important for improving your mood, especially with the days getting darker earlier, and access to natural light has been shown to have a positive impact on wellbeing. An example of this is at Hawthornden, where each home benefits from bright and spacious open plan living/ dining areas flooded with natural light.
  5. Take up a home hobby: Learning a new skill can work wonders for your mental health. If you enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, baking may be the perfect option. Bakers Field in Cliffsend is a prime example of the high-quality kitchens that we deliver, complete with a comprehensive range of integrated appliances, ideal for baking enthusiasts.
  6. Improve your mood with colour: It has been proven that different colours provoke different feelings, so why not get creative and paint your walls to help improve your wellbeing? Blue hues are known to be calming and clear your mind, whilst yellows are ideal in brightening your mood and leaving you feeling uplifted.

Looking after your mental health should be a priority and with all of our new build homes, you can enjoy a clean, fresh canvas to make your home feel your own, an element we feel encourages better mental health and wellbeing. For more information about our developments, please visit

**Please note: Despite the news of another lockdown, our existing health and safety measures remain unchanged following the Government’s latest announcement. We’re still open by appointment only at Millwood Designer Homes and have some measures in place to keep everyone safe. Please visit our webpage here for further COVID-19 information or to book your appointment at one of our developments.**